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Olaplex for Summer


Summer is here, and what better time to go lighter and blonder with your hair? Whether you want to brighten up with a balayage or a foil highlight, or want to be blonde all over with a double-process, you can do so without fear of breakage or harsh damage by adding Olaplex to your service.

Olaplex Step #1, which can be used either mixed with the lightener used for your service, or done alone as a treatment, is what is known as a “bond multiplier”. When you color hair, the bonds that hold your hair together get broken, which can lead to damaged or broken hair. With Olaplex, the bonds are maintained and repaired during coloring, which means hair can be processed longer to go lighter, without fear of damage or breaking!

After shampooing, your stylist will then coat your hair with Olaplex
Step #2,
 the “bond perfecter”, which helps continue to repair bonds that have been damaged by the lightening process.

To get the best results possible, you should take home Olaplex Step #3, (available at Amaci Salon), which is used weekly (or more!) to continue to care for your hair and repair bonds that have been damaged through coloring, heat styling, or more. Apply to clean, damp hair, and leave for at least 10 minutes, then rinse and style as usual.

Using the 3 Steps of Olaplex can help you to maintain the strength and integrity of your hair, while giving you the freedom to experiment with color, balayage, highlights, or anything in between! Olaplex can be added on to any color service, or done as a treatment on its own. Call to book today!

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